Why Shipping Container homes?

Jarrod and Samantha are a husband and wife team. Together they built this container home, but where did the idea come from and why shipping containers?


It all started when they bought a 1993 Ford E-150 and traveled for 6 months from Florida to California. Talking to people along the way and seeing the housing crises in most major cities was troubling. It became clear that this is a real issue. Shipping container conversions was something Jarrod was always interested in. Jarrod being an entrepreneur with engineering experience, his brain is constantly ticking and decided by building these homes it would be a great way to try and help the housing situation. 


They sold the camper and invested their time, energy and money into developing the prototype. After months of hard work and harsh weather conditions, this recycled shipping container breathed life and CO-CREATE was born.


This 400sq foot luxury home exceeds all expectations of what the space can hold for a comfortable life. It has a full kitchen, with all the appliances. It has a washer, dryer, shower, and toilet. A custom queen size bed with plenty of storage throughout. Being the first model, they made it super high-end to show how much can fit and function in a small space.


CO-CREATE is excited to bring simple, affordable housing to you! We will work with you to customize your space to suit your needs and budget.

If eco-friendly, movable, simple living is what you are looking for.

Then this affordable 

solution is for you!

Co-Create Team

Husband & Wife Team, transportable luxury container home
Empty Shipping Container. Recycle. Luxury Home Build
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The benefits of shipping container homes


  • Shipping containers are relatively inexpensive to buy, the expense comes in when deciding how "fancy" you want your finishes to be.

  • With this limited space, you automatically move into the minimalistic lifestyle where less is more. There is no room for junk and therefore cleaning is manageable and the home in general requires little maintenance therefore less money.

  • Due to the price of these containers owning one is more achievable. Thus giving you the freedom to live a better life rather than being tied to mortgage bills. 

  • They already come with a sound structure, with floors, walls and a ceiling so their is a quicker turn around time than that of a traditional home. They are built off-site which lowers transportation costs as most supplies and equipment are readily available.


  • People are becoming more aware of ways to be more eco-friendly and to reduce their carbon footprint. Currently, there are 17 million shipping containers across the globe. Of those 17 million containers, only six million are actually being used for transport or any other practical usage. That means approximately 11 million shipping containers are unused and are just sitting stagnant all over the place. For example our 40 foot container house we were able to repurpose 2.500kgs of steel. So by building out of used shipping containers we are recycling and reducing waste.

  • Due to their small size and proper insulation, these homes can be cooled and heated easier using less energy. They can also handle extreme weather conditions and maintain a stable temperature in hot summers and cold, windy winters.

  • Shipping containers are easily adaptable to live completely off-grid, which is a great money saver. You can have a system that collects rainwater for showers & watering plants etc. As well as large roof space to fit solar panels. 


  • Shipping containers are designed to carry cargo through extreme weather conditions on land, rail and sea. They are manufactured to be tough and durable in all weather conditions. This helps lower maintenance costs.

  • This quality enables for a sound structure, eliminating any extra building costs and harmful materials. 

  • They are also made to be stackable, therefore customization to make larger spaces is a achievable. 


  • Shipping containers were made to be transportable.They are relatively easy to load onto a trailer and be moved to wherever you want around the country, as well as the world. All you need is a plot of land and hookups for utilities and your set.

  • Travel anywhere with your luxury home.