Our Process

Once the floor plan has been finalized we begin our process in our shop. Once this luxury shipping container home is completed we shipped it to you.


All windows and door frames are cut out. Next the wooden framing begins, this is to create the structure for the walls and floors. We also raise our floors slightly for plumbing purposes and to allow space to run all the electrical cables and pipes.

// TWO - 


We further insulate the floors, walls and ceiling with a Polyutherine spray foam. This step is vital in adding to the structure and filling all cracks, gaps and openings to ensure it is fully insulated and weather proof. 


110 - 220V with industry standard installation, customizable plug points in all areas of the home for your ease. All plumbing and electricity is easy to hook up in a hidden room at the back of the container. We like to call this the "Utility Room". Everything runs from this area making it easy to plug-and-play.

// FOUR - 


Next we focus on putting up the dry walls, engineered vinyl flooring, crown molding and cabinets. Once installed we paint to your color specification. The exterior can either just be painted to have that authentic container feel, or finished with varnished wooden slab.


The once empty container shell now looks like a home. It has been completely transformed. All appliances need to be tested out, as well as the functioning of the entire unit. Once the home has passed the tests, it is ready to be shipped to you.

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